Want to write an article to summarise your topic after a UXSG Open Space event, but you don?t know how? Here?s a quick guide to help you start thinking about what to write. Take note that this is only meant to be a generic writing guide and that there?s no standard solution to writing this. You are welcomed to write your article in your own way. Whatever works!

Introduce your topic

Describe your topic, why you thought of it and perhaps an example of an event or observation as references that can further elaborate your description.

Share your observations

Feel free to share your observations of the group too. What kind of professionals does the group consist of, what industries and what roles did they play to contribute to the discussion.

Bullet points

The simplest way to summarise your learnings is most likely to break them down into basic points and bullet points. It makes information easy to read and digest.

Use Photos/Diagrams

Photos or diagrams are always a good helping tool to help readers relate or visualise your writings. Aside from the event photos that we provide, do remember to cite your sources should you be using photos or diagrams from external sources.

End it with a Summary

It is advisable to end your article with a summary to help your readers reflect whatever you have shared.

Here are some examples of?topic articles from our previous Meetups that you can refer to for inspiration:
??How can we better support seniors to grow juniors?
??About Traditional UX, AgileUX and Lean UX
??What knowledge/skills should you possess before you can call yourself a UX practitioner or UX expert?