Over the past 6?years, the UXSG community has grown from an idea to a knowledge-sharing platform comprising over 3,000 practitioners and enthusiasts. This would not have been possible without the dedication and selflessness?of the volunteers who made the commitment to embark?on this journey together.

We have received numerous requests from members who?want to?volunteer and would now like to open this call to the community for new volunteers to help run our monthly meetups.

Meetup participants

Our?first meetup in February 2015 experimenting with the?Open Space concept


WHO are we looking for?

The UXSG team is looking for volunteers who want to make a difference to our professional community by organising and facilitating?our monthly meetups. This is open to?practitioners at all levels – from polytechnic students to experienced practitioners.?It?s not who you are, but what you can do that counts!

However, you must have attended at least 3?UXSG meetups in 2016 – 2017?to qualify.

UXSG volunteers

UXSG volunteers helping to facilitate an?Open Space meetup


WHAT?do we expect from you?

On the whole, we expect our volunteers to have good attitudes and be committed. You believe in volunteering for personal growth?and/or to giving back to the community rather than for commercial reasons such as self-promotion and business development.

From year 2017 onwards, we are striving to build a strong volunteer team to take on leadership roles to shape our community &?industry, and have the tenacity to follow it through for years to come. We are providing in-depth training to develop our volunteers in their personal and career growth, thus a sizeable personal commitment is required from every individual. Do conduct honest reflections to understand why you want to be a volunteer, and you are able to follow through with the level of intensity we are expecting.

As a meetup volunteer, your will be involved?in meetup activities for at least 3 meetups in 2017 , excluding the training we will be conducting for our volunteers. Activities include:

  • Preparing registration eDMs to members
  • Setting up host venues for meetups
  • Being a meetup host and facilitator
  • Timekeeping of Open Space sessions
  • Collating notes from topic hosts

Experience in organising and running meetups?is not required. However, we do ask that you be punctual and?show a willingness to learn from the team and explore?activities outside of your comfort zone.

Advocates self-directed learning among participants

Advocates self-directed learning among participants


WHY?should you volunteer?

Our monthly meetups not only serve as a knowledge-sharing platform but also a support system for many practitioners, particularly those who practice UX alone in their organisation. As a volunteer, you will play an important role in helping the UXSG?community develop.

The meetup is also a fantastic training ground?for our craft?outside of the digital space?e.g.:

  • Directing the flow?of attendees in an unfamiliar venue (UX design)
  • Adapting a?venue space to run 5 concurrent topic sessions (spatial design)
  • Iterating ways to drive?blog post contributions from topic hosts (UX design)
  • Crafting a?well-written story?of each meetup (narrative design)
  • Presenting and facilitating to large crowds (essential soft skill!)

You will get to collaborate with and learn from the UXSG team?in a non-commercial engagement. The team comprises senior and junior practitioners from all walks of life?and we bring our experiences to the table to grow together.


WHEN?are you expected to start?

There is no closing date for the call for volunteers – the door will always remain open for suitable candidates. We are not looking for quantity but quality?- it?s boils down to how ready you are to commit?and contribute.


HOW?do I apply?

At the meetup, kindly approach any of our friendly UXSG Volunteers for more information.



Discussion topics voted by participants in each session

Meetup?topics voted by attendees

Topic host taking notes for group sharing

Topic host taking notes for group sharing