Interested to facilitate a UXSG Meetup with Open Space? Here’s some help!

Section 1: Introduction

Meetup - Introduction


If the crowd is too big to be contained in the big circle area, then the participants will be split into 2 groups, with each facilitator taking a group

Self Introduction:

Facilitator to thank Venue Host?for venue and food provision and allow Venue Host?to welcome all participants

  • Facilitator(s) to self-introduce.
  • Participants to self-introduce. (a topic to help identify common interests)

Introduction to Open Space:

  • Concept of Open Space.
  • 4 rules in Open Space.
  • Law of two feet.
  • Location of corners A-E.

Update of Online Topics:

  • Inform participants about the topics that are posted online.
  • Identify topic hosts for the online topics.

Meetup - Topics

Update of New Topics:

  • Get new topics from the participants.
  • Inform participants of their responsibility as topic hosts.
  • To be the scribe for own session.
  • To present a short summary during debrief
  • To know that their written notes will be uploaded into the
  • Collect the index cards with the new topics written on them.

Section 2: Consolidation & Voting

Meetup - Voting

Consolidation of Topics:

  • Place all the topic cards on the voting wall. ? Votemaster

Introduction of Topics:

  • Individual topic hosts to present synopsis of their topics.
  • Abandoned topics to be adopted by other participants (if applicable).

Voting of Topics:

  • Participants to vote on topics they are interested.
  • Count votes after voting is completed. ? Votemaster


Meetup - Topics Consolidated

Scheduling of Topics:

  • To place the top 10 topics onto the scheduling wall. – Votemaster
  • To inform participants that they can move topics to any session slot as they like.
  • To remind participants about location of corners A-E.

Section 3: Running of Sessions and Debrief

Meetup 15 - Remote usability testing

Start of Section 1 ? 30 minutes:

* Corners A-E to show the title of topic going on at that moment ? Backstage helper

  • To inform participants when time is up. – Timekeeper

Start of Section 2 ? 30 minutes:

* Corners A-E to show the title of topic going on at that moment ? Backstage helper

  • To inform participants when time is up. – Timekeeper


Meetup - Debrief


  • To gather participants back to the gathering spot. – Timekeeper
  • To get the written notes from topic hosts (if topic hosts do not want it). ? Backstage helper
  • To take photo of the notes of each topic. ? Backstage helper



Volunteers needed?Meetup - Take Notes

Backstage helper:

  • To help prepare the space for the Open Space concept to happen (i.e. different corners for discussions and supply them with post-its, sharpies and etc.)


  • To help keep track of time for the sessions.

Vote master:

  • To help count the votes and move the top 10 topics to the schedule wall.

Notes keeper:

  • To help to take photos of the topic hosts with their written notes and keep the notes after that.